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Anasight Connect is a cloud based, dashboard reporting software specially designed and built for individual industries.

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Anasight is an Australian owned business solutions company which provides small and medium sized businesses access, understandings and actions of data that has never been possible before.

Anasight pushes the boundaries of technical innovation by bringing together big data and AI to develop actionable insights that solve the real-world problems of the small and medium businesses of Australia. A true hybrid between a BI Platform, Big Data Analytics, Software Platform and a Consulting Service, Anasight is a market leader in enterprise grade data warehousing, BI, analysis, AI, video display, web and mobile displays; providing cost-effective insightful intel and analysis of key metrics that can drive positive business performance.

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Anasight Connect was founded on the basis of being an industry leading platform to better serve the education and employment industries of Australia. After working within the two industries for over 15 years and understand the key grievances, CEO Trent Bruce has designed and developed a market first solution that will positively impact industry performance.


A tool to understand the past revenue to be proactive in your future solutions.


By allowing Anasight Connect to work for your business, you free your staff up to focus on actioning solutions (rather than spending hours on finding the problem).


From your staff to your customer, understand your businesses strengths and weakness to improve brand and business engagement.


Understand your past data to improve the future outcomes of the business.

anasight connect

Anasight Connect is demonstrated primarily through dashboards and reports that display and access the crucial information for managers at all levels to create a successful business environment. One of the key features of this product, is it's ability to view forecasts for months and quarters at a glance for executives at any level (depending on clearance) and being able to provide accurate financial forecasts to third parties, such as boards, stakeholders and financial institutions

Near Real Time Update

Historical Analysis of Data

Web, Mobile & TV Display

Better Visibility

Improve Performance

Forecast Reliably

Over 90% of the worlds data has been generated in the past two years.
Less than 2% has been analysed. 
Let's make your data deliver.


Anasight are experts in two key industries within Australian business: Education and Employment. We have committed to ensuring that Anasight Connect has the functionality to improve analytical visibility within businesses, ultimately allowing strategic and profitable actions to be formed. Anasight is the market leader offering Australian small and medium businesses a financially feasible data and analytic solution for their business. If you're not sure which industry you fit into (but still want to work with us), please get in touch.


Anasight draws data from student management software on behalf of customers to return business-driving analytics to RTO’s. This data is around performance, attendance, compliance, claims and other commercial information.

Increasing Learner Outcomes

By further understanding learning patterns and styles, we can leverage and enhance students experience.

Future Trends

By understanding the past, we can project the future and move from a reactive to a proactive state of business.


A deep analysis of student management data to provide visibility against the RTO Standards 2015.


Anasight Consult is an offering to the employment industry by combining our knowledge and experience within the employment services industry with Business Intelligence strategies to help improve or maintain the five stars.

Disability Employment Services

Anasight works with Providers of Disability Employment Services that are a mix of large; medium and small; for-profit and not-for-profit organisations. These organisations are experienced in supporting people with disability and providing assistance to employers to put practices in place that support their employees.

Community Development Programmes

Anasight’s dashboards break down the information to transparently surface a company’s performance, caseloads, placements, claim tracking and other critical information, as well as providing further insight into the compliance requirements attached to government contracts.


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